What you will learn with this eBook

  • Shine light on the things holding you back

    Aaron Rentfrew details his journey from self-loathing, suicidal and broken - to leading teams of people and breaking through barriers he never thought possible.

  • Use liabilities as assets for parabolic growth

    By shining light on the past and looking for opportunities, we set the stage to finding our message and our passions. Growth happens in the valleys.

  • Quieting the voices inside Holding You Back

    We all have that little voice in the back of our mind telling us we aren’t good enough or rationalizing. Learn how to control that little voice through self-love.

  • Taking your progress and making it stick

    Look, we can all make a little progress in the right direction. It’s making it stick for the long term that will set you up for a meaningful and happy life.

  • Coping with Relationships in the “New Normal”

    We live in a social media world. We compare our everyday lives to other peoples “highlight reels.” Turn this on it’s head and realize your true value with ease.

  • The Turning Point Diet Recommendations

    I got so many questions on diet that I wanted to be sure to include a chapter on the diet I used for weight loss in my journey. No need to sacrifice flavor for gains!

Do you want to be happy in the present and complete or let go of fears, failures and regrets from the past? If you do this is the book for you, I have read through it two times and am now going through it again more slowly to complete the exercises that will bring life altering changes to your life and your attitude about yourself and the world you life in. I highly recommend this book.
Diane Wright
Diane Wright
Director of Education
I read this book and it was like seeing a new color! It is all the things that are already inside of all of us, this is just the book that ignites us! You know that thing that you keep putting off? Turning Point eloquently shows you that your goals are obtainable no matter how large they might be. Thank you for this gift of this book!
Katherine H.
This is an amazingly put together book. Its an actual working, taking action step by step program to help YOU help Yourself. Aaron Rentfrew's guide as well as amazing life story are an inspiration to all of us who have had similar issue in life. This comes from someone of actual life experience and not from a person who has never been down this path. That to me is all the difference. They cant teach you this in school. Only life can. Life changing read.
Amazon Customer

What are the benefits?

Find other like-minded people to grow with and develop together. Along with the eBook there are a variety of other perks to finding your “Turning Point.”

Included in each book are links to other resources to help you work on your phases of development. This is about setting you up for proper success, not just leaving you with a little “rah rah rah” no substance.

  • Downloadable content associated with the Turning Point
  • Access and membership to the Living Right Forums
  • Help and support along your path towards greatness
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Turning Point eBook is available in all electronic formats. Kindle, Nook, and PDF versions are all available so you can read along on any device. Paperbacks are also available through Amazon!

Whether you want to pop open one of these files on the cell phone or tablet we got you covered. Our goal is - and always has been - to get this information in the hands of as many people as possible. The point is to create a ground swell of people working together in an effort to grow.

I truly believe that when we pass along our happiness and our lessons we hang onto the growth in a much more substantial way. My goal is to put readers in a position to help others.

This really is the start of something beautiful, get on board and give yourself a big hug.


A word from the Author

I find a similar problem with most books, I read them, I get pumped up, and then I am onto the next thing with no actionable takeaway.

When I wrote “Turning Point” I wanted to make sure the reader had actionable items not only throughout the book, but also moving forward. True change doesn’t happen overnight and certainly not by reading how someone else did it. It involves rolling up your sleeves and getting to work with the business of growth and personal development. With a little bit of effort this program is designed to change and enhance your life for the long haul.

I can’t wait to see you on our forum sharing your experience and coming back to help others with your message of hope and perseverance.

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